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The Neopets Myers-Briggs List

Wellllppp I guess we all saw this coming. I had so much fun with my Pokemon list that I decided to turn my awesome powers of personality-sorting on another franchise I like that has a lot of characters!

So grab your Myers-Briggs type and jump on in!

Also please note that I am strictly sticking with the canon characterizations of these characters. This list sadly cannot incorporate super-nice ESFJ Isengrim, devious-but-helpful ISTP Jhudora, or compassionate ISFJ Kass. But I am trying to be fair and not pretend like my interpretations of site characters are the real deal. :)

ISTJ - King Jazan

Reliable and rule-abiding, you care deeply about your responsibilities--so deeply that you have little tolerance for people who do not share your sensibilities, nor patience for situations that test those responsibilities. In leadership roles you are fair and just, but do not enjoy socializing with those outside your inner circle.

ISFJ - King Altador

"It is a wise leader who delegates, and I am delegating this very important task to you."

Humble yet strong, you take care of your responsibilities diligently and lead groups with kindness and understanding. Although you do not purposely draw attention to yourself, and would not be labeled outgoing, people seem to flock to you because of your patience and compassion. In turn, you do your best to protect them.

INFJ - Siyana

You are selfless and courageous, and possess great amounts of wisdom that you use to help your fellow beings. Perhaps the ultimate altruist, you have an indomitable will and never give up when it comes to helping those in need. While you may come across as quiet and unassuming, people would be wise not to underestimate you, as you are a powerful fighter when the need arises.

INTJ - Hanso

You weave an intricate web of strategy around yourself, and none really know your true motives, not even those closest to you. You do this to protect yourself and those you care about--and though it may make you seem odd socially sometimes, you don't care for socialization anyway, unless it factors in to your plans.

ISTP - Dr. Landelbrot

"Only -- no doubt due to an aspect of chaos theory I haven't been able to interpret yet -- my Random Event machine has, well, stopped."

Brilliant but perhaps slightly eccentric, you work purely for ideas that excite you in the moment, and may have difficulty understanding other points of view--just as others have difficulty understanding yours. But none can disagree that your methods, unconventional as they may be, work incredibly well.

ISFP - Illusen

Solitary but good-natured, you really just want to be left alone to do your own thing, quietly making life better for everyone in ways that can't really be quantified. You work hard at what you do and take pride in it, hoping others will appreciate the fruits of your labors. That being said, you feel your emotions very acutely, and if someone rubs you the wrong way, you can be deeply hurt.

INFP - Lisha the Lionhearted

Your boundless imagination may get you labeled as a daydreamer, but you can't help but be creative because of how intelligent you are. You know how to listen to your gut instinct and you let it drive you most of the time. When you know something isn't right, you're not afraid to fight back, and your tenacity when you care about a cause is legendary.

INTP - Professor Lambert

"Yes, hmm. It seems there will be fighting. I've devised a plan, but please arrange strategies of your own, in case we are drawn apart in the chaos."

Calm, collected, and intellectual, you love devoting yourself to your studies, which can cover a wide range of subjects as you are such a curious individual. You are often able to come up with innovative ideas and solutions, and you work equally well with both applied and theoretical study. With so much research going on, though, you may find it hard to make room for anything else in your life.

ESTP - Hannah

"Stand back. I'm about to do the impossible -- again. I know, it's really quite exciting, isn't it?"

Energetic and adventurous, you love to live in the moment. You're resourceful and brave, and nearly always in high spirits, and you're certainly not afraid to be the life of the party. You may have difficulty looking before you leap, but your stubbornness and cleverness will see you through any trouble you might get yourself into.

ESFP - Roxton A. Colchester III

"Cheer up, old chap! Where's your sense of adventure?"

You're friendly and generally cheerful, and love to live life to the fullest and pull everyone else along with you. Challenges don't get you down--you just stick out your chin and grin, and tackle them with everything you've got. However, your exuberance may be exhausting to more introverted individuals, so you may need to remember to slow down sometimes.

ENFP - Cylara

"A chance to save the whole of Neopia? Wait till my friends at school hear about this!"

Life for you is exciting and fun, and you're always willing to help anyone in need. You require a lot of outside stimulation, whether it comes from socializing or adventuring--preferably both. You may have a tendency to get yourself in over your head and bite off more than you can chew, but you can see things through with the help of your many friends.

ENTP - Aristotle A. Avinroo

"Ah, yes, I remember this game. I beat it before anyone else even noticed that it was out. Good times, good times."

You may be logical and intelligent, but by no means are you withdrawn--in fact, you thrive on intellectual exchanges with others. And because you love a good challenge, those exchanges often take place in the form of competitions. You are quite proud of your skills and are happy to show them off, regardless of how arrogant it might make you look.

ESTJ - Kell

Pro-active and no-nonsense, when something needs to be done, you're among the first to jump into action. You have no problem giving your all to achieve a goal, and telling other people what they should be doing as well. Because you are so focused on your objectives, you may come across as snappish sometimes, so you may want to slow down and consider others' feelings more.

ESFJ - Captain Brynneth

You are a strong, capable, responsible leader, but you are also kindhearted and seek to understand and connect with others on a personal level. You believe that one must give trust to receive it, and while your idealism may be taken advantage of at times, it always comes through in the end as you help others be their best selves.

ENFJ - Queen Fyora

Wise, insightful, and level-headed, you easily fall into leadership roles, a position you embrace as it allows you to care for others and guide them in their lives. You are an excellent diplomat who can untangle sticky social situations and help everyone feel better, and you are adept at handling large numbers and varieties of people.

ENTJ - The Duchess

"See that all your preparations are completed beforehand; our plans do not include rescuing you."

You have a knack for organizing people and for planning and coordinating, although you are not generally willing to take others' feelings into consideration during your strategizing. Charismatic and powerful, you enjoy exuding an aura of control and confidence in social situations, making sure everyone knows who's in charge.

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